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    A. Background Available Conditions

    Being the precious Chinese herbal medicine, Glossy Ganoderma has the function of improving human immunity apparently resisting senility, the distinct effect of curing heart-disease and cancer. It also has certain curative effect on common diseases such as bronchitis, asthma, hepatitis, and stomach ulcer. Huangshan District, at the transit zone of subtropics to temperate zone with mild climate and moderate rainfall, is suitable for growing Glossy Ganoderma. After several years’ development, preliminary industrialization development mode has been set up, and a series of services like fungus supply, technology guidance, marketing sale has been formed. 3-million Glossy Ganoderma can be produced every year. And Glossy Ganoderma, spore powder is sold well in HongKong, Taiwan, Japan and other Southeast countries. The market outlook is very brightening,

    B. Scale and Content

    Strengthen the guidance and support for the Glossy Ganoderma plant on hand to form 16 hectares of standardized planting base. Exquisite processing factory which can produce 200 tons of Glossy Ganoderma slices and 100 tons of spore powder is to be built.

    C. Investment Estimate and Benefit Appraisal

    The project needs investment of 3.5 million yuan, among which, 1.6 million yuan for Glossy Ganoderma planting base, 1.9 million for the facilities in the exquisite processing factory. After put into operation, 7 million yuan annual sales, 1.9 million yuan profit are expected, with a 1.8 years of reclamation period.

    D. Mode of Investment

    Joint investment, single investment and cooperation